Want to go on your Dream Holiday?

I’m Dreaming of a … Dream Holiday

Dreaming a Lotto Dream

Let’s be honest here. We all had that dream at one stage of winning the Lotto, right? After some research and interviewing numerous Lotto players, there was one conclusive dream amongst them all. The very first thing they would all do after winning the Lotto would be to go on their dream holiday. Modern times are tough and we all need a break. No wonder desires of a dream holiday take centre stage in this busy hectic life. Then the individual dreams and desires would follow, such as paying off debts, buying a dream home, dream car, etc. Well, the home and car are also pretty unanimous too, actually and so is the debt. So predictable, aren’t we? But what would life be without our special dreams and goals? Fortunately, there are the pure hearted who would also dream of contributing to charity.

Peace and Quiet

The idea of a dream holiday would differ somewhat, though, according to our separate personalities, needs and circumstances. And our financial standing, of course! Mostly peace and quiet are on top of the list. No matter who we are, we all dream of a well deserved restful and peaceful holiday after the long year of hard work and challenges. Some companies urge their employees to take at least two weeks continuous vacation. It takes about a week to rewind and adapt and only thereafter are we able to really rest. Then there are those who would start worrying about work already a few days before the end of their holiday, who actually need to take more than two weeks vacation to have the adequate amount of rest. We owe it to ourselves, our families and careers.

Money Can’t Buy Everything …

…Or can it? Well, of course it can buy the most wonderful of dream holidays and experiences. On the other hand, many of us harbour the fondest memories of a wonderful, but fairly “cheap and simple” holiday deep within our hearts. A true dream holiday filled with family and loved ones, lots of love, laughter, happiness and FUN! A holiday where we still had time for each other, times when these precious gems were more important than luxury.

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