USA Powerball Lucky Winners

You can be one of the Lucky Winners

When you go to the USA Powerball home page, you can look up whom the lucky jackpot winners are. For instance, on September 30th, Julie Leach from Michigan won a total of $310, 500, 000. She chose to take the lump sum that came to around a $140 million dollars after taxes. Upon hearing that she had won, Julie, 52, announced that she would immediately quit her stinky job as a factory worker and start building houses for herself and her loved ones. The first thing that came to my mind was: that could have been me. If I had gone out and bought a ticket, I could have been in line to win.

Jackpot: Three Lucky Winners

On February 11th 2015, three lucky winners shared the jackpot prize that came to $381 million dollars each. Marie Holmes, TL Holdings and an anonymous winner from Puerto Rico shared the jackpot of 564 million. Again, I had not purchased a ticket for this event and found myself sore for not being more systematic in my lottery ticket purchases. There is no need to be foolish here, like the couple that sold their home and heirlooms in exchange for lottery tickets and then lost everything. No, just one or two tickets in every draw will do the trick.

There is a lot to be learned by looking up the stories of lucky winners. In many cases, the win came after a long period of playing without success. Like Tom Rea, the July 4th winner explained, “I’ve been playing those same numbers every Wednesday and Saturday for the past twenty three years.” In my case I tend to get a bee in my bonnet and for a few weeks I will purchase my ticket. Then, I get discouraged and stop buying. The next thing I know I see the picture of the lucky winner and say to myself, “that could have been me!” Do you relate?

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