USA Powerball Excitement!

The Excitement of USA Powerball

In the middle of the winter last year I turned on the television to a discussion about the then over 500 million Powerball Jackpot. The participants in the show were making up scenarios about what the winner could spend their money on. They could buy a private island, a number of airplanes, fleets of cars, holidays around the world and so on. The list of what could be done with such a windfall went on for a while and was extravagantly fanciful. Eventually I started to feel motivated to get up from the sofa, put on some outside clothes, and get moving to buy a ticket. I had been pulled into the excitement of winning.

The Excitement of Winning

All the way down the winding road, as fast as we could, we drove to get a ticket in the Powerball draw for that night. It was a Wednesday, and the road was quiet. Most people were already home from work, and we were definitely going against the stream in this last minute reach for a dream. Since the weather had been dreary and cold, the flash of hope for a crazy big win was fun. The vista of possibilities discussed on air was still very clear in our heads, bringing a festive mood to the moment that felt good. We were experiencing moments of excitement through latching on to the big winning ticket dream.

So, on that dark dreary winter night, well after dark, we rushed to the nearest Shell station to buy a ticket and to get a chance to win. Perhaps we should not have been so tardy in responding to the amazing boon offered. If only we did not linger to see one more possible way that the winner could spend their money, we might have been there on time. I remember clearly how I ran into the convenience store that serves the gas station. I remember running into the store as fast as my legs could carry me. When I tried to buy the ticket, the cashier punched my option into the machine, but then turned to me and said: “They are drawing the winning number now, ticket sales are stopped”. The clock had just then ticked over to the early seconds of one minute after seven. The excitement of the moment stays with me, with the breathtaking possibility of winning the USA Powerball Jackpot in a game of chance.

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