Misplacing a Winning Lottery Ticket

Your Winning Lottery Ticket misplaced?

The stuff nightmares are made of – you win millions of bucks but your winning lotto ticket has gone AWOL!

Horror of horrors – you lost your winning lottery ticket!

There’s no need to take your lotto ticket out of your wallet’s secret compartment to check your numbers as the draw takes place. You always pick the same numbers when you buy a lotto ticket. You know your lucky numbers by heart.  … And lo’ and behold, your consistency finally pays off, because your numbers flashes on the TV screen – you hold the winning lotto ticket!  Whoop-whoop!

Get out the champers, celebrations are in order… or not? Your winning lotto ticket is nowhere to be found!  It isn’t in your wallet; it isn’t in your sock drawer; it isn’t in the glove box in your car; it isn’t in the empty washing powder box beneath the sink. It has disappeared – you’ve lost your winning lotto ticket that’s worth millions and millions of beautiful bucks.

Chaos erupts when, screaming like a wounded banshee, you zip through the house and frantically search behind the cushions on the couch.  You tear out every single strand of hair on your head. You curse, pray, threaten, promise, and cry – to no avail.  Your winning lotto ticket is gone.

Your misplaced your winning lottery ticket.  Can you still file a claim?

Lottery tickets are viewed as bearer (or holder) documents. Whoever holds a winning lotto ticket can claim the winnings (finders keepers) – unless the ticket has been signed on the back by the purchaser.

An unsigned ticket belongs to whoever holds it, in other words, if you pick up an unsigned winning lotto ticket in the street, you may legally claim the money.  If you pick up a signed winning lotto ticket, you will commit an offence if you try to file a claim.

Protect yourself against ticket loss and theft by:

  •   signing your ticket on the back immediately after purchasing it.
  •   writing your ID or Social Security number next to your signature.
  •   taking a photo of your ticket after you have signed it.
  •   taking a selfie of you holding the ticket.
  •   making a note of when and where you have purchased your ticket.
  •   keeping your sales receipt as proof of purchases made offline.
  •   keeping your ticket in a locked safe.
  •   playing the lotto online.

There is a very slight possibility that some lottery operators may consider paying out on lost winning lotto tickets although they are by no means obligated to do so.  However, you will have to go through a very long, arduous and strict procedure in order to proof and verify that you did indeed hold the winning lotto ticket. Remember, it is your responsibility to look after your lottery ticket and keep it safe.

The woes and joys of misplaced lottery tickets

Ian Galtress says he lost his lottery ticket.

Kathryn Jones lost her lottery ticket and was unaware of having won $46.88-million until lottery officials tracked her down.

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