Are You Making These 3 lottery Mistakes?

Lottery Mistakes cost you money

People play lottery all across the world and only a few win jackpots. Some of the jackpot winners were just darn lucky, but there are others winners that have been playing lottery for years and win smaller amounts relatively frequently. They win on lower tiers than the jackpot tier and still pocket huge amounts. Do they have a strategy or do they just avoid making stupid lottery mistakes?

3 TOP Lottery mistakes to avoid

Listed below are the 3 most common and worst lottery mistakes people make:

  1. Quick-Pick Numbers – Most people either choose quick-pick numbers that are computer generated for every row or ticket they play. This is not a good practice, because you have the worst odds of winning a prize on any tier. When you play your own set of numbers more times in the same draw, your odds are better.
  2. Different Numbers – It is not a good idea to play different numbers every time. Rather stick to one set of numbers and play a variety of lotteries.
  3. Irregular Play – If you are serious about winning at lotto, play with a strategy. This means that you should play regularly. Play every week. The more you play, the better your chances are to win a lottery prize.

Jackpot Fixation

When you think about winning the lotto, you visualize winning the lotto jackpot, right? Millions coming your way … But, what most people forget, is that lotteries pay out huge prizes on the second, third and even fourth tier. If you stick to your lotto strategy of playing regularly, playing the same numbers on more than one ticket per draw, chances are that you will greatly increase your odds of winning.

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