How to find your Life Purpose

Why it is important to find your Life Purpose

Finding your purpose in life will improve your life and also guide you to reach your full potential as a unique individual. You will become a better person, be happier and feel more fulfilled. Your purpose in life is the driving force that anchors you. Listed below are 5 steps that you can follow in order to find your purpose in life.

Find your Life Purpose #1: The Reality

You have to realise that your purpose in life may require hard work and a great deal of effort. You may find that your purpose does not suddenly jump out at you and that it will entail some soul searching to uncover. But, you have to believe that it is possible. Be aware that finding your life’s purpose may lead to a number of drastic changes in your life. These changes may be hard to face at first, but it will have a positive effect on your life and will empower you to shape your destiny.

Find your Life Purpose #2: Discover your Fears

Anything new brings with it a bit of anxiety – that is normal. You have to move out of your comfort zone if you want to accomplish anything worthwhile, else everything will stay the same. Start your journey by getting rid of fears that hamper you in finding your purpose. These may be internal beliefs that you are not good enough, smart enough or worthy enough of having a special purpose. Acknowledge them, then determine how and why they have power over you.

Find your Life Purpose #3: Take Action

Now that you have acknowledged and studied your fears, it is time to kill them. Once you know your enemy, you are empowered to fight him. Be as objective as possible and do not empower your fears by giving them some magical qualities. Break them down in smaller chunks and slay them, one by one. Every small step you take is a step in overcoming a fear.

Find your Life Purpose #4: Question Time

Answer the following questions as truthfully as possible:

  • If money was no object, how would you spend your time?
  • Describe your perfect day in detail.
  • What activities set your soul on fire and makes you happy?
  • What do you love to do most?
  • What makes you lose track of time?

Write down exactly what comes to mind, do not filter or edit your answers. This is crunch time – time for you to discover the true you. Open your mind and remember, there are no wrong answers. Dig deep and write to your heart’s content.

Find your Life Purpose #5: Discovery

Study your answers and try to discover a common thread. You will know it in your bones when you see it. It will feel right deep down in your gut. As soon as you have made your discovery, you can start working on fulfilling your life’s purpose. Set goals, plan what you want to achieve and start your individual journey with a blast!

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