Do you try to play lotto smart?

How to play lotto smart

Is there truly such a thing as being able to play the lotto smart or is it nothing but pure chance that determines whether you win or not? There are most certainly no guarantees that you will win the lotto, but experts agree that their are several ways in which to play the lotto smart.

  • Choose the lottos with favourable roll-over policies. There are some common denominators when it comes to the various huge lottos, but they also differ in several ways. Some lottos, such as the Eurojackpot, is not rolled over indefinitely. If the limit is reached, the jackpot is rolled down to the second payout level if there are no clear winner on the first payout level. This increases your chances of winning a large amount.

  • Choose a lotto with a smaller pool of possible numbers. It is also a known fact that the size of the pool of possible numbers is important. The smaller the pool from which you have to choose, the better your chances. It may therefore be wise to play lotto smart by carefully selecting the lotto that offers better odds.

  • Play your chosen lotto regularly. You play the lotto smart when you enter the same lotto regularly rather than entering different lottos each time you play. So, choose your lotto with care and then stick to that lotto, at least for a while.

  • Stick to your system for choosing your numbers. Many people think that the winning numbers drawn are utterly random. Yet many mathematicians maintain that there is nothing random about numbers. It may be worth your while to study the draw statistics and to pay heed to clear trends. Many past winners said that they used a specific system to choose their numbers and that they stuck to that system.

You have nothing to lose by doing everything possible to play the lotto smart. Why not pay a little bit more attention to the lottos you enter and the numbers you choose?

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